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The Rock n Roll Half-Marathon

A Musical Tour Through Downtown Chicago The Rock n Roll Marathon Series is a corporate entity spawned in the late 1990s. One of their first races, a June marathon in San Diego, was a disaster. Marathon day was much warmer than expected, there wasn’t enough water, and at a post-race press conference the race director, in… Read More »

Parking the Car, and Other Puerto Rican Adventures

So we had to decide: was our decision to raise the children with an open-minded sense of adventure just crazy drunk talk, or would we step up to the challenge? We followed the lead of our newborn and decided to take baby steps: we went to Puerto Rico.


A Weekend at Sleeping Bear Dunes The college girls came bouncing past us in their bikinis. Itsy-bitsy, teenie-weenie, and polka-dotted. I was propped up against one of the only trees large enough to create any appreciable shade. I didn’t have the energy to ogle the polka-dots. I sighed and dragged myself to my feet

Going Dutch

But that vacation would be missing the Dutchest experience I had while I was there, because Van Gogh never painted a picture of an exhausted family on bicycles pedaling furiously through the dark and the rain, fueled on by a lunch of fried horse meat.

Getcher Zen On

At that point the only thing that would have pulled them back to the waterfall was a grizzly bear showing up to fish for spawning salmon. And that would have been unlikely, given that we were at the Osaka Japanese garden on Chicago’s south side.