Short Story: Frozen

And now for something completely different: London is home to a collection of actors called the Liars’ League. Once a month they commandeer a bar and stage a reading of five short stories, They picked one of mine, “Frozen”, to include in their most recent round. It was billed by the director as, “a darkly comic tale of camping and nudity” – a description I could not possibly improve upon.

It was performed by Sophie Cartman, who did an amazing job – I could listen to her say “marshmallow” all day long. A million thanks to Sophie (1.2 million after you convert it from British pounds).

11 minutes.

Short Story: A Flight Attendant Reveals – They Pay Attention, Now That I Start the Safety Demonstration with “I’m Not Racist, But…”

Months ago, the line, “I’m not racist, but” – followed by something entirely mundane – started as a joke in my standup comedy routine. I couldn’t make it work right, so I dropped it. But I kept thinking about it, and eventually birthed this story. It’s on a site called Little Old Lady Comedy. It’ll take barely two minutes to read.