Who? What? Why?

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you found something here that entertained you. Or perhaps you’re reading this section first as a way of checking under the hood before committing to following a link? That’s fine, too. Here’s the deal:

My name is Todd Wells. On this site you’ll find links to whatever I’ve concocted that’s entertaining. These days, it’s mostly short stories.

As you might guess from the site’s address, I grew up watching Monty Python. If you find these pieces too weird, blame the Pythons.

I was a big fan of Paul Theroux’s travel writing and for many years tried to ape his style. If you go back far enough in the archives here, you’ll find my early stabs at following in his footsteps.

If you just want the facts, to see if you know me, or if I’m worth stalking (I’m not; you’d find it so boring), here’s the deal: I live in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood with my three children and one wife. I grew up in the New Jersey suburbs. In 1987 I went to college in Boston, where I was a poor student. But I did spend a lot of time at an open blues jam at some bar in Inman Square. That led, 25 years later, to playing bass in a band where I got to wear a mariachi outfit – just goes to show: never give up on your dreams.

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